Improving Safety

Improving Intersection Safety

Several Intersections along Highway 23 will be reconfigured to improve sightlines, reduce potential crash points, and enhance safety.

The intersections at 263rd Ave and County Road 12 & 43 are being reconfigured from a single intersection to an offset T-intersection. This change will reduce the number of potential crash points and allow the approach roads to intersect with Highway 23 at a 90 degree angle providing better visibility.

The intersection east of Roscoe at CR 114 is also being realigned to minimize impacts to adjacent properties while eliminating the existing skewed intersection.

263rd Ave Intersection – Offset T

263rd Ave Intersection – Offset T

County Road 12 & 46 Intersection – Offset T

County Road 12 & 43 Intersection – Offset T

CR 114 Map

County Road 114 Intersection – Realignment